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Sara Ehsan: Empowering Lives as a Certified Coach for Personal Growth and Success

i am helping individuals unlock their full potential and achieve personal growth.


Passionate about guiding others towards self-discovery, confidence, and success.


Dedicated to empowering individuals to overcome challenges and live a fulfilling life. Join me on this transformative journey! 

With my studies in Nonprofit Management & Governance and my many years of professional experience in the NPO / NGO sector and in the cultural field, I am one of the few coaches in Germany who have such in-depth knowledge in this area.  


I have been working in the NGO/NPO sector as a consultant for almost 8 years. My knowledge also includes companies where I have worked in the IT sector. 


As a poet and writer, I can easily lead you to your hidden creativity and resources that bring out more facets of you. Discovering and integrating your creative potential is a way of self-healing.


It is not just a requirement in the workplace, but a way of life that, if truly followed, will lead you to a more integrated and fulfilled life. I am a natural empath and deep listener.


Throughout my life, I have been gifted with experiences where people open up to me, trust me, and feel comfortable opening their hearts to me in times of challenge. I acknowledge and value this gift and now offer it to the world as a professional coach.

Coach - Author - Translator
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