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Ehsan-Translations (Übersetzungen) specializes in interpreting and translating from Farsi and Dari into German with many years of experience in the fields of social affairs, justice, psychiatry, psychotherapy, film and literature.

Specialist areas of interpreting

o Psychotherapy/psychiatry/medicine
o Anamnesis and diagnosis interviews
o Therapy discussions
o Counseling sessions
o Accompaniment to medical appointments
o Legal matters
o Court hearings

o Community interpreting 
o Accompaniment during visits to authorities 

o Telephone interpreting

Areas of expertise Translating

Legal documents

o Identity card
o Identity card / birth certificate (Shena's name)
o Identity card (Melli's card)
o Passport (Passport)
o Powers of attorney 
o Applications
o Appeals
o Court judgments
o Certificates
o Documents
o etc.

Business and advertising

o Brochures
o Websites
o Leaflets
o Instructions for use
o Bank documents
o Job references
o etc.


o Novels
o Poems
o Short stories
o etc.



Mother tongue Farsi, elementary school in Tehran/Iran. From 2002 to 2008 I studied German Literature, Iranian Studies and European Art History at the University of Heidelberg. Linguistic and literary focus of my studies: Old, Middle and New Persian, Literature. Freelance interpreter and translator since 2002. 2009 full-time work for a humanitarian organization in Afghanistan as a Dari interpreter. Since 2011 freelance work as a sworn translator and liaison interpreter for Farsi and Dari for the courts of the state of Baden-Württemberg. 
- Farsi
- Dari
- Farsi-Dari-German

- English *(no swearing in)

For certified translations: according to JVEG. Please contact me for individual package offers.

For literary film translations: individual prices.

Additional copies of the translation are charged at EUR 10.

The minimum order value is 50,- EUR.

Postage and copying costs or other expenses will be added to the translation fee (see JVEG).

Interpreting assignments: EUR 85 per hour plus travel expenses.

The prices do not include the statutory value added tax.


Payment by bank transfer, PayPal or in cash.

Certified translations
You send me a copy of the document to be translated, scanned as an e-mail attachment (no cell phone photos) or by post. After the translation, the certified translation will be sent to you.

Coach - Author - Translator
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